Perth Bodyscape Yoga

Bodyscape Yoga was created to get people together to move, breathe, and nourish. A local yoga studio conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Perth CBD, we welcome everyone to practice yoga in an inspired way.

We offer a variety of classes to suit your needs so it’s best to find out what works for you. Looking to strengthen? Try Core Power. Looking to get flexible? Come to Extreme Stretch class. Looking to just flow and have fun? Come to Vinyasa Flow. You will be guided in a friendly and fun atmosphere with like-minded individuals. We limit class sizes so that you can be given the right attention, with hands-on adjustments to keep your practice safe or to just let you feel more.

You'll find us involved in fundraisers and events, in collaboration with local businesses… so we’ve built a pretty enthusiastic and extensive community!

Bodyscape Yoga continues to grow as our teachers come from all walks of life with something unique to offer each individual. As your practice develops, you will become more mindful, more compassionate and with dedication, that old knee pain might even disappear!

All our classes are designed with the purpose of getting you to have A LOT of fun so prepared to come to class with like-minded individuals who are there to inspire and encourage you. What’s more, we offer a livelihood where you can unwind, restore and recharge! You’ll get to know some friendly regulars who love to share, that you might even end up floating out of the studio with a couple of lemons or even a delicious slice of freshly home-baked banana bread!

Founder and yoga teacher, Rosanna Susanto is also involved in the community as a Lululemon Ambassador. Her role means that you might catch her in the Claremont store, through the Western Suburbs in Perth teaching private yoga sessions and corporate sessions around the city.

This world needs happiness and empowerment. Meet Bodyscape Yoga. We’re here and ready to guide you. “Give everything your best, be brave and show up, then life will give you everything you need” – Rosanna Susanto.


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