Perth Ecosynthetic Grass

The technology and processes required to manufacture artificial turf make it more expensive to install than natural grass.

However, artificial grass has many benefits that make it more cost effective over the long run. Artificial grass can reduce residential water use by up to 70% and maintenance costs are reduced substantially with no mowing or fertilising required.

Eco Friendly

Artificial turf protects the environment in a number of ways:

* Reduced carbon emissions – as no lawn equipment required

* Reduced impact on landfills – due to long product life

* Reduced toxins – as no pesticides required

* Made from 100% recyclable materials

Artificial Grass Advice

The team at Eco Synthetic Grass has been supplying and installing artificial turf throughout Perth for many years. We can recommend the right product to suit your specific requirements, whether you need artificial grass for your home or a sports facility.

We offer a choice of materials to suit all types of applications and budgets and guarantee every installation for complete satisfaction.

Eco Synthetic Grass has been installed all over Perth in front and back yards, schools, childcare centres, along median strips, and on sports fields. Let us transform your garden with the best quality artificial turf in WA.

Check out the Eco Synthetic Grass display at the Ocean Keys Flooring Xtra showroom or call us for a free quote on (08) 9407 7864.


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