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Frigmac Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the design, manufacture, importation, and sale of water coolers, fountains, troughs, dispensing systems, bubblers, and associated water cooler accessories, primarily for commercial, mining and industrial sectors. We also supply products to the bottled water, water filtration, and plumbing industries.

Established in 1977, we have provided quality refrigerated water coolers to thousands of satisfied customers throughout Australia. We have over 36 years’ experience in the water cooler industry and are proud of the reputation we have gained for our outstanding customer service, after-sales support, and competitive prices.

Our team members have an in-depth knowledge of the products we sell and can recommend the most suitable system to meet your specific requirements.

Frigmac supplies many different styles of refrigerated water coolers, including multi-level, floor standing, wall-mounted, and wheelchair accessible varieties. We also stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for all of our products, including the Partner, Parplus, and Oasis brands.

Frigmac provides drinking water solutions for a broad range of clients throughout Australia. Our technicians are highly qualified refrigeration engineers with accreditation in refrigeration and electrical. They hold R.A.C.I.R. Certification, ARC Certification, RTA: AU11323, and Electrical Licenses.

Buying and installing a water cooler system is easy with Frigmac. We have provided drinking water solutions to thousands of households and businesses throughout Australia, including schools, offices, mine sites, construction sites, factories, hospitals, and gymnasiums.

With over 36 years of industry experience, you can count on Frigmac to recommend the most suitable water cooler or water dispensing system to meet your specific requirements.

Our expert team will discuss your needs and assess your environment in order to identify the main issues and recommend the ideal water cooler to suit you.

Our highly trained and qualified team will advice the best installation for your requirements.

We can schedule regular maintenance, including sanitising every 6 months and routine filter changes. Our technicians are also available for your servicing and water cooler repair needs.

Whether you’re after new faucets, a cup holder, or replacement filtration system, you’re sure to find what you need at Frigmac water cooler and water dispenser specialists.

What is a filtered water dispenser? A filtered water dispenser is a type of refrigerated water cooler that generally has two faucets fitted on the front of the dispenser so that a cup or small bottle can be filled. The water supply to the dispenser is fed from an outside water supply, which is easily attached to the back of the water cooler. There is no drain line required on this style of water cooler, therefore making it very easy and cost efficient to install.


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