Perth Get Wet Ponds and Aquariums

For the last 20 years, Perth native David Byrne has been an enthusiast of freshwater aquatics. He is regarded by many as one of the top go-to experts on the subject. Recently, he has applied his exceptional knowledge of fish, aquariums, and ponds and focused his energy towards business.

Not an Amateur Trying to Monetize

By no means should you be under the impression that Byrne is just another cowboy with no experience. He is actually quite the opposite. His experience includes working as a plasterer by trade, but unfortunately, an accident occurred as he could no longer work in that career field. He decided to find something else he truly loved and found the funding to create his own business called Get Wet Pond and Aquariums.

Choose the Best Freshwater Aquatics Expert in Perth

David's philosophy behind his work is that you should never leave a pond dry if you have a passion for fish and aquatics. When it comes to the top expert in Perth for freshwater aquatics, David Byrne and Get Wet Ponds provide an unmatched dedication to quality service and advice.


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