Perth Haven Massage & Beauty

Haven is a serene, spa-like environment nestled in the heart of Fremantle. The unique location of the Old Fremantle Prison, provides a tranquil and hushed atmosphere. A blissful sanctuary has been created, complimenting a passion for holistic pampering.

The term holistic means to place an emphasis on the relationship between parts and the whole. Haven incorporates this philosophy by considering all five senses during a treatment. The visual aesthetics and carefully selectedmusic create a serene ambience, whilst the aroma and touch is customized to each guest.Complimentary herbal tea is served after each treatment to complete this synergistic ritual.The result of this approach is a restorative, balancing and highly enjoyable experience.

With the underlying belief that human touch is a primal need and pampering should not be an indulgent expense, prices are kept as low as possible. Everyone can enjoy the Haven experience!


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