Perth Jet Ski Tours Perth

Jet Ski Tours Perthoperates every weekend and in most weather conditions. Thorough safety briefing and demonstrations are provided by a qualified tour guide and the tour is fully supervised at all times.

You’ll be at the controls of your very own two person Yamaha VX1100 jet ski, fitted with the latest technology.

With a focus on marine wildlife, set off on a mid-pace journey exploring the beautiful Cockburn Sound and Garden Island with the possibility of a close encounter with Dolphins, Sea Lions, Pelicans and other Seabirds.

Includes free wetsuit hire during Winter

When you share a jet ski with a friend, you can swap over half way so you both experience the hands on thrill of driving (solo ride jet ski tour available separately)

Each tour will consist of tour guide/instructor (on his/her own jet ski) and up to 3 jet skis

Max group size 6 (comprising three jet skis with up to 2 people per jet ski)plus tour guide/instructor

Route may be altered at any time depending on the conditions.


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