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Joondalup Solar is a provider of residential or commercial solar power systems located in Perth that covers the Western Australia area. Energy efficiency starts with us!

Joondalup Solar can provide you perfectly adapted "turnkey" solar power system solution for your residential or commercial solar installation. And that's not all - we'll do all paperwork. That includes allsolar rebates and programs for the solar panel system, giving you the outstanding quality of service you have come to expect from a professional partner.

We can be your trusted partner that finds you all the possible rebates and incentives for energy upgrades in WA. Trust in Joondalup Solar means a good alternative to your investment policy. We provide turn-key solutions that are the best choice for your budget, future energy savings and reducing yourcarbon footprint.

Solar power systems prices are just a click away at Joondalup Solar. Together with our suppliers and installers, we have many years of experience to meet your requirements, high performance has a new name: Joondalup Solar!

Solar energy consulting
We never make compromises when it comes to energy efficiency and energy upgrade in Western Australia - we simply seek the best solution. Our services and products are reliable, practical and viable for many years to come. They are established as the result of a close dialogue with residential owners in Western Australia. Because of the geographical location in the Sunbelt area, energy efficiency demands a wealth of experience comes from Joondalup Solar. Contact usfor more information about energy upgrade rebates, solar rebates and incentives in the Perth and Western Australia region.

We pride ourselves by assisting our customers to lower their power bills through advanced solar technology and reliable, extensively tested solar products providing the best return on investment on all solar systems we install. We realise that buying asolar power systemis a long-term commitment since the lifespan of the solar panels is about 25 years. So, you're going to be attached to it for a surely long time. Our no-pressure and educative approach assist our clients in clearly understanding what is required and the process for installing a solar power system has been received exceptionally well.

The solar panel system is poised for growth
Solar panel installation is now more affordable than ever and far cheaper than energy costs from conventional electricity sources. Today, you can reduce your energy bills and protect your costs against future rates increases. In the past ten years, each segment of a solar panel installation has been improved to be more efficient and more reliable than ever. Every component of asolar power systemis intended to be more durable, reliable and efficient, providing you peace of mind and saving money in your pocket. With user-friendly web or mobile applications, now you can track your photovoltaic system and count kilowatts, savings and environmental impact of your solar panel installation, at any time and from any place on the planet!

The solar panel system is the only investment that payoffs itself and remains free for years to come. With Joondalup Solar you can count on maximising your yields with a reliable and quality residential or commercial solar panel system installation.

Also, having a photovoltaic system on your roof can increase your property value for 3-4%, not to mention, may attract a higher rental return for Property Investors. If you are considering selling your property, you must know that homes with installed solar panels in Perth are selling faster compared with homes without a residential solar panel system.

Why choose Joondalup Solar?
We are mastering energy generation challenges together. Our passion for energy efficiency has made us a leader in our field. State-of-the-art designs and rigorous quality control results in products and services that meet the highest standards. We deliver increased energy efficiency and environmental benefits, backed with dedicated service and the support of the special programs for subsidies and incentives. In Joondalup Solar you can rely both on the products and on the people.

What makes us the best solar installer company in Perth?
High standard of services, quality of materials and industry know-how made us one of Perth's favourite solar experts. By choosing Joondalup Solar, you are choosing certified retailer and installer for your residential or commercial solar project in Perth. Clean Energy Council certificate obligate us and our suppliers with high standards of products and installation and to protect our consumers. As our installers and suppliers are CEC certified, we must guarantee long-lasting quality of solar products and installation, and provide our customers with a whole-of-system warranties that allow to our customers most benefits from their photovoltaic system. Our best solar equipment and quality service can maximise the utilisation of your solar power system and enable the fastest returning of investment!

With you, we change the world for better
With a Joondalup Solar you will not only be able to achieve attractive financial yields but will also help to reduce harmful emissions and protect the environment.

We are involved in the future of the next generation to come. Our key technologies are the most important for saving the environment and reducing carbon footprint. We are putting our experience in this industry also for the future of our planet, with the purpose to achieve a day-by-day economical and energetical saving. You can play an actively part to help reduce with global warming, every bit matters. With a simple Solar Power system from Joondalup Solar, you can assist alleviate the negative impact of humans on a natural environment which causes droughts, wildfires floods, pollution of air, water and land, it’s worth it!
Consult usabout rebates availability and schedule a time that best suits you for a free estimation from our team of experts.


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