Perth Lay 2 Real Estate

"People Before Profit"

Lay2 Real Estate is a client focussed boutique real estate business that constantly works towards high levels of customer satisfaction. As a team and as an agency, our mentality is that our clients always come first.

Sales and Property Management Guarantees

At Lay2 Real Estate we set ourselves apart from other agents bybacking up our service with rental and sales guarantees that other real estate agents wouldn’t dare offer.

Our Customer Focus

Our whole focus is being straight to the point and honest with our clients so you know exactly where you stand. We are not interested in inflating your expectations to get your business and then spending months bringing you back to reality only to have you worse off than if you were afforded the realities of the market right from the start.

We Want to Help

If you like to do business with a caring and understanding real estate company for your sales and property management needs please contact us to make a time to meet.

We can sit down quietly together and discuss all your real estate needs and wants that are important to you. From there we will work side by side throughout your journey to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process.


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