Perth Medical Audiology Services

Over 25 years of outstanding service to hearing for Western Australians Our Vision - Ethical patient-centred healthcare principles - State-of-the-art technology - Evidence-based practice - Highly skilled specialist Audiologists - Research and development - Comprehensive hearing healthcare About Medical Audiology Services Medical Audiology Services (MAS) was established in 1987 by ENT Specialists to provide a high quality, independent and ethical audiology service that has since provided hearing health care to thousands of Western Australians. We work closely with medical specialists and general practitioners. Our audiologists offer complete diagnostic audiological services for adults and children supported by our dedicated, service orientated administrative staff. Our audiologists pride themselves on their academic contributions to the audiology profession. Our small and friendly business aims to provide you with the best quality care for your hearing care needs. Clinicians Medical Audiology Services is staffed by university trained audiologists and 2 front office receptionists. Our audiologists are specialized in the diagnosis of hearing loss and in the latest hearing aid technology. They are also specialized in the management of tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears), dizziness and balance disorders that affects many Australians. Medical Audiology Services also specializes in implantable hearing devices.


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