Perth Skyes The Limit Career Counselling

Career Counselling can help you achieve your goals and establish career direction. It can consist of either one session or multiple sessions dependent on individual needs, we can help you achieve your career goals by-
-Analysing interests, skills, personality traits and qualifications -Assessing market trends and future employment prosepects -Investigating learning and education options- long and short term -Establishing new career paths Establishing appropriate work/ life balance
A valuable and accurate tool used here at Skyes The Limit is- Career Voyage which delivers excellent results. This carefully designed and researched software helps young people and adults make the best career decisions. In five easy steps the user gains invaluable insights and reports including a personal profile, specific job suggestions (with accompanying occupational information), action planning and Resume/ CV writing.
Easy to use, suitable for all levels of ability, Career Voyage is highly reliable and also offers the possibility to detach inconvenient occupations for people living with disabilities.
If you feel you are unhappy in your career or want to live the career you desire please call or email me and I can help you on your path to career fulfillment.


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