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The Diamond Club the Place for Custom Made Engagement Rings and Diamond Rings in Perth, Australia.

The Diamond Club is dedicated to delivering the highest quality certified diamonds, for Engagement Rings and all other Diamond Jewellery, at the absolute lowest prices available anywhere to the public in a no-pressure and comfortable environment that focuses on the needs of our consumers and educating them to that end. We specialise in custom made diamond and engagement rings.

The Diamond Club was founded in 1983 by Pierre and are still a family owned business. They are now located in Perth, WA, Australia. Keep in mind, when you call The Diamond Club – you will almost always be speaking with Pierre.

About Us

Located in the Perth suburb of Joondalup, Western Australia, The Diamond Club is one of Australia’s leading and most respected diamond suppliers. We are dedicated to delivering high quality Certified Diamonds at the very best prices.

Founded in 1983 by Pierre Joubert, The Diamond Club is a family owned and operated business, which has gained an enviable reputation over the years for delivering diamonds of an exceptional standard, and outstanding customer service.

As an international diamond brokerage, we have extensive affiliations with diamond mines and cutters in all the world’s major diamond producing countries. And, because we buy our diamonds direct, we can offer them at significantly reduced prices to our clients.

When you deal with The Diamond Club, you are not only dealing with a diamond importer – but a valuator and manufacturer as well. We have a full-time valuator on staff, and can custom design and manufacture all types of gold and platinum jewellery – from the simple and traditional, to the unique.

Why Us?

The Diamond Club is virtually unmatched when it comes to the supply of high quality diamonds at the right price. There is not a single diamond that enters or leaves our premises without owner, Pierre Joubert’s experienced eye checking for quality and value for money.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose The Diamond Club

All of our diamonds are internationally certified and conflict free, so you can rest assured your diamond is of the highest quality.

As an international diamond broker, we can offer our diamonds for sale at wholesale prices. You won’t find comparable diamonds for the same price at any major retail store in Australia.

Our Diamond Syndicate’s diamond database is the largest in the world, with more than 1 000,000 diamonds, worth over 6 Billion dollars, available at any given time, which means we can almost guarantee that we will find your perfect diamond.

We manufacture diamond engagement rings and all types of gold and platinum jewellery onsite, which means substantial savings for our clients.

We offer FREE, no obligation quotes.

Our reputation is second-to-none. Read what some of our clients have said about our quality and service on our Testimonials page.

The Diamond Club is Perth’s home of perfect Certified Diamonds. All of our Certified Loose Diamonds have been hand selected for their exceptional brilliance and quality, and because we are an international diamond brokerage, we can sell our diamonds to the public at wholesale prices.


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