Perth Turf supplier

The TurfMan Perth provides the Freshly harvest turf providing the best advice on how to prepare the area, recommended appropriate soil / prelay ,fertilizer , wetting agent ,installation guide and tips on maintenance. Most of Perth soil repeals the water we give the best possible advice to all Western Australian so that they have peace of mind about the selection. We try to explain some different types of turf and their characteristics.

  • Kikuyu

    • Widely used in all the parks and homes. The lush green grass in Kings Park Botanical Garden is kikuyu.They are bright green and hold the color both in summer and winter. They are high drought tolerant turf. They are kids and Pets friendly. They require a bit more maintenance and Fertilizer. They are good in full sun or filtered sun.

  • Wintergreen

    • They are very soft and thin leaf turf. Kids and Pets friendly grass and are very easy to look after. Required a bit less amount of Fertilizer than Kikuyu and high drought tolerance. Since it likes to be mowed very short it always gives a nice clean finish. They like 6 hours or more direct sun. Some of the golf courses have wintergreen.

  • Cape Buffalo

    • The Turfman Perth Buffalo is a hardy and non echey buffalo. They can tolerate hot Perth summers but require a bit more water than Kikuyu and wintergreen. It grows slowly in the winter, which means very less maintenance on the cold days. Moderated amount of fertilizer. They survive in 3-4 hours of sun or partial shade area.

  • We have many other varieties like Village Green, Santa Anna, Sir Walter, Palmetto , Fescue tall and many other varieties. Come to the store or jump into the website for more info.


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