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Mining is Western Australia's main primary industry as the state is dotted with mining and energy exploration and production centres. Even though mining started a couple of hundred years ago in the state there are still many areas left unexplored. This tells us that there are still large quantities of minerals and resources yet to be extracted.

There are around 600 mining companies operating out of Western Australia with their Registered Office's located in Perth. These companies are exploring and producing Gold, Gas, Rare Earths, Uranium, Coal, Hot Rocks, Lithium and Phosphate to name a few. To search for a specific mining company, mineral or resource visit the web's most comprehensive, online database of ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) listed mining and energy companies www.Australian-Shares.com.

There are many high paid, job opportunities in Western Australian mines and mining offices for skilled and non skilled workers. Most of these mines and operations are located in remote areas and often rely on a fly in and fly out or drive in drive out basis. This is so that the miners can work at the mine for a few weeks and then rest in the city for a few weeks. Many people who work at mines in Western Australia choose to take their time off in Perth due to the great City, Coast and Country activities on offer. For more information about Mining Jobs in Western Australia visit this website or visit the Employment Services section on the Perth Business Directory.

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