Things To Do - Rockingham

Located just 45 minutes down the coast of Perth is one of Western Australia's greatest playgrounds. The most popular activity Rockingham has to offer is the swim with the dolphins tours. Grab a snorkel and mask you can frolic with the dolphins in their natural environment, gaze upon their beauty and grace and listen to their playful calls. If you'd prefer not to get wet the Dolphin Watch cruise allows you to view these fun loving animals from the boats deck.

Within this paradise you can also enjoy sailing within safe bays, swimming, windsurfing and kite boarding. You can also jump in a kayak or take a tour to Seal Island where you can see seals in their natural habitats. Next visit Western Australia's largest penguin colony, Penguin Island, which is home to 500 to 700 pairs of Little Penguins.

The area abounds in superb cafes and restaurants or you can pack a picnic or barbeque along the beach at Bell and Churchill Park. Rockingham is also located within the Peel wine region so a visit to one of these wineries is definitely a must.

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